This site is under construction
...and probably will always be, as I rarely find time to work on it...

This site is solely meant to provide a "visual reference" for the occasional watch-talk with friends, collectors and sellers. Its just pictures and information on some of my favourite watches. Will give the visitor an idea of what kind of timepieces I collect and am interested in, but is just a fraction of my collection. I collect a broad variety of watches - as I'm not interested in particular brands that much, but in design.
My main interest though are LED watches, jumphour watches and early electrics/electronics.
But anything else huge, wild and odd is welcome to be added to my collection...
If you think you have a watch that I might be interested in, just let me know...

I'm living in Germany - and English is not my native language. Yet I decided to make this website in English. Keep that in mind and forgive me if I don't use all the words correctly...

I hold © on all pictures on this site (if no other © is stated). Please don't reproduce the pictures without my prior permission. Hope I won't find them in an eBay ad some day...

None of the timepieces pictured on this site are for sale at the moment.


OK, lets cut the crap and show you some watches... ;-)


Unknown LED - with a fancy case...

Hewlett-Packard  "HP-01" - The ultimate LED calculator wristwatch...

Bulova Sideview LED - This is the rare 2553 model of the Bulova Computron

Piratron radio-watch LCD - Neat LCD watch with built in radio

Hughes Aircraft LED - Unusual asymmetric LED

"AMC" Steering wheel watch - fancy shape - drives me wild...

Mido Swissonic LED - Neat side-view LED timepiece from Switzerland

Orient LED - Japanese LED watch with nifty "touch-command" feature (Touchtron)

Bulova LEDs - Computrons & some more LEDs produced by Bulova

Bulova LED N4(1974) - ...the "Big Block"...

Elgin LED - Scarce Elgin LED, unusual case!

Benrus Citation - Early electronic (ESA 9154)

Sicura Instalite - Odd direct-read watch - with light!!!

Wittnauer Polara LEDs - some LED watches by Wittnauer, cool design!

Junghans Time Commander LED - Rare LED with cool hexagonal case

JAZ Derby Swissonic - Odd direct-read watch, early electronic (ESA Dynatron)

Panquartz LED - Very weird trapezoid (asymetric) LED watch

Benrus Electronic (LIP R27) - One of the earliest electric watches

Timex (?) LED - Super rare pop-up LED

Armitron LED - Nice semi-drivers-style LED

Amida "Digitrend" - weird driver-style jumphour watches

Heuer "Aquastar Regate" - fancy yachting timer

Mondia "Top second" - analog automatic watch, displaying blinking seconds

Elsa-Optel LCD - rare EARLY LCD (scattering LCD)

Longines - very neat, elegant windup watch from 40s


HELP NEEDED - watches and projects I need some help/advise with